Private Escape Room Bookings on Weekdays

Yes, you read correctly. We are the only room escape in philadelphia to offer private bookings for ANY GROUP SIZE during weekdays. Yes, even for two players! You may require some help if you are new to the game, but our black belt ninja game masters are will be there to deliver what is needed, and in character!
What else?
Our rooms were built with a story in mind, and are not just a collection of puzzles. You actually get the sense of progress and intuitively know what to do next. Like a good movie!

Our largest prison escape room can fit 12 (Twelve), players. We even had groups of 14 or 15 for birthday parties, when customers insisted. It was spacious and everyone had contributed to their “escape”!

We have a 1:1 Game Master per room ratio, so your group, no matter how small or large, getting our full attention.

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