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Yes, we can. Please contact us when booking your experience. We can accommodate large parties and special occasions. We can tailor the perfect outing whether it is a birthday party, bachelorette or graduation. Employee appreciation or a team building event. We’ve had several wedding proposals where the proposal was integrated as part of the room mechanics. Upon request, we can customize the experience for your special occasion.

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We can certainly accommodate large parties. For corporate events, we assign different time slots and sometimes we spread it out for a few days.
For large private parties, we can team up with one of the many excellent bars/restaurants on South Street and integrate the room with the outing. It all depends on what will suit you best. Give us a call or send us an email at [email protected] or (215) 454-6159

Category: Groups

By default the rooms are public, however, we can certainly help upon request.
(Escape Thai Prison) For groups of eight and up, we offer private booking complimentary.
(Escape Jack The Ripper) For groups of five and up, we offer private booking complimentary.
For groups with young children, we may offer private booking at our discretion.

If your group does not meet the minimum participants and would like to reserve a private party, we require payment up to the minimum number of participants. Another option is to try and book your experience during a weekday or early on a Sunday.

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