Alice in Wonderland, additional information

Alice and the Queen of Hearts have invited you to their Tea Party at the Palace. Unfortunately, the MadHatter lost your invitation, and the party has already started! The Queen is so easily offended. So You, not willing to part with your head, decide to travel through the mirror, find the right time the tea party starts and go back just in the Nick of Time to join your favorite characters in this fabulous festivity!

“This place is a living piece of art!!!”
“The puzzles are so interactive, immersive and stimulating, well done!”

Duration: 75 minutes.
Price: $37 $32 per person (Limited Time).
Group size: 3-8.
Private Booking: Any booking on a weekday, OR for 5+ players!
Difficulty: Very Hard!
Great for: Experienced players!
Fright Factor: Not scary.
Awesome time: Guaranteed!

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